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Im leaving Australia for my FFS!

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Miss Kitty:
Hello everyone,

I am just making this to let every one know how easy it was for me to get permission from the Australian Border Force to leave for further surgery. I made a thread a while back asking if any one had tried it, I noticed another user had success and decided to share how I went about it myself.

All I did was ask my surgeon for a letter explaining why I am leaving (I'm going back to the Facial Team Spain to have my jaw and chin done). They sent me a simple and brief letter just outline the importance of the surgery and its projected psychological impacts.

I sent the letter away to the border force and only sent a tiny explanation (I think about 3 brief sentences) and I was approved to leave just 2 days later. I did not have to provide any letter from my GP nor any other proof from psychologist etc. It was very simple and straight forward.

If any one else is trying to leave, my suggestion is to just go ahead and try, I was so convinced they would say no anyway that I put minimal effort into it and still got approved.

A word of warning for any one leaving though, my ticket to Spain was literally twice the price that I paid just 2 years ago. If that doesn't bother you just go ahead and try!

I'm leaving in just 3 weeks and my long journey of transitioning is finally complete.

Good luck to any one else who needs to leave, I'm sure every thing will work out for you.

Northern Star Girl:
@Miss Kitty
Thank you for sharing your future surgery plans.

I am so very happy for you that things seem to be working out in your favor regarding travel approval
for you to go to Spain for your procedure.   
3 weeks will go by faster that you can ever imaging... and finally being able to take one of the biggest
steps in your transition journey will be an exciting time for you.

Only as you feel comfortable doing please keep your updates coming regarding your travel and your surgery.
     All of us here on the Forums are rooting for your success and happiness.

HUGS and best wishes,

Maid Marion:
Hi Miss Kitty,

Good luck with the surgery!


Miss Kitty:
thank you for your support, I will add updates once I get on the plane and finally arrive overseas. I will let every one know if there was a big effort to leave, I still have to do a few things to be allowed on the plane (present a COVID negative test taken within 72 hours of departure and provide proof that I have money to live off of in the event I am stranded overseas).

Also, I should have mentioned that most people will have to pay for Hotel Quarantine when they come back (it costs around 2800 dollars), but they allow you to pay back in instalments and some people with Pension Cards wont have to pay it back at all (its case by case so dont count on them waiving the fee).

That's fantastic ...well done
Thank you  for sharing i want to go to thailand for a ffs revision , but had basically given up , so it actually is possible 😊


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