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Im leaving Australia for my FFS!

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Miss Kitty:

--- Quote from: Drexy/Drex on June 26, 2021, 08:54:43 am ---That's fantastic ...well done
Thank you  for sharing i want to go to thailand for a ffs revision , but had basically given up , so it actually is possible 😊

--- End quote ---

Have you given it a shot going? I wouldnt wait, we could be waiting well into mid next year, make to sure to post about it if you are allowed to leave, I don't think you will have any trouble going. Its only going to get easier to leave as the vaccine roll out continues too!

Hi, no not as yet ...i need to make sure i have enough $ to see me through should o not be able to get back to Oz🤔😐 the goverment has just halved the cap of international arrivals ..
Im going to wait till i get the vaccine 😊

Well congrats!

I'm curious if Covid made any complications with that. Perhaps it's easier though being from that country. I'm just asking cuz I have/maybe had a friend from Australia (maybe you know her! - kidding - unless...) and it made me curious on what it would take to GO to Australia but then Covid hit so borders were closed. Just curious on how that's going over there. Not that I can afford to come anyways :p


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