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Anyone willing to mentor?


Hey ladies,

My name is Olivia, I'm a trans woman who is still in the closet and presenting as male. I'm reading a new book called you and your gender identity by Dana Hoffman Fox in the hopes that I can break through all of my repressed feelings and emotions and finally tell my wife that I need to transition. The book recommends that I reach out to people who have gone through transition to see if anyone would be willing to mentor me. Is this common? And would anyone like to mentor me?

Good morning Olivia,

I see that this is your first post here on Susan's Place and I would like to take a few moments to officially welcome you to our little corner of the internet.  We are a supportive website for everyone with any kind of gender related issue. We do have Terms of Service and I will post links to the Terms of Service and other important information below. We are moderated within the Terms of Service because we have many members here who are underage and we must keep Susan's Place Family Friendly for those members.

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And now back to your topic at hand.

We are here for you.  ;)

Susan's Place is a supportive website. Many of the people who post here have been through or are going through the same issues that you expressed. We would like to get to know you better, so if you want to, consider stopping by the Introductions Forum and tell us a little about yourself. What you tell us is up to you. You can tell us as much or as little as you wish, but be honest, especially with yourself. Self acceptance is the most important thing all of us needed to do.

Since you mentioned a wife, you need to know that many, but not all, of us who were married, are now divorced. Transition has many costs and personal relationships are the most important and often the costliest.

The financial costs are also, a strong barrier that many of us face. Just recently, many of these costs are covered by health insurance. In the past, the only way to cover these costs is with personal wealth, as unfortunate as this is.

Again, welcome to Susan's Place. We will be seeing you. Take care.  :-*

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Olivia :

I see that our lovely member @Rakel has officially welcomed you to Susan's Place and the Forums.
I would like to add my warm Welcome as well.

As Rakel mentioned, it would be terrific if you could briefly Introduce yourself
by going to the Introductions Forum to briefly tell more members about yourself!
With more exposure to more members here you will be able to get more responses to your questions and concerns.

Wishing your well as you continue to be involved in the forums.

NOTE: Now, after all of this Greeting and Welcoming stuff, I will give you and other readers the thread back so that the conversation can continue.

Again, Welcome to Susan's Place.


I have a young MtF mentee.  She went from coming out to her family to going full time in about 9 months.  The last 6 with me guiding her along.  That has a double meaning because she is also very severely visionally impaired.  It was not my guidance that got her out, but rather her determination to do what needed tom be done and her total trust in my decisions, which honestly have been wrong before.

I recommend that you share where you live, at least enough to see if someone here lives relatively close by.  Distance does matter when it comes down to shopping and going out in the public.  Good luck in your search.  You request is a very good one.


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