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How do I know if I've had genital mutilation? (explicit anatomy discussed)


I'm really sorry if this is too explicit for this forum, but I'm not sure where else to ask. Doctors have never been helpful to me, and I'm wondering if I can solve this mystery on my own. So read on at your own peril...


I'm intersex and have a vulva. I was born without a clitoris, but I have SOMETHING there. It's basically just a long lump of flesh where my clitoris should be. Touching it doesn't feel any different than touching anywhere else on my body, except that the top of it is in constant pain that gets extremely bad sometimes for no apparent reason. It's so sensitive that I can't wear tight jeans or certain kinds of underwear.

I'm wondering if maybe when I was born, a doctor noticed I didn't have a clitoris but that my anatomy otherwise looked like a cis girl's, and tried to artificially give me something that looked vaguely like a clitoris? Does anyone know if this is something that doctors do? No doctor has ever been able to explain why I'm in so much pain in this area, or why I have some weird pseudo-clitoris in the first place, so I'm suspicious.

Thank you so much if you can give me any insight into this whatsoever. I'm really frustrated and want to figure out if I've been mutilated or I just have unique anatomy.

Yikes. Hope you find an answer here.

Good morning newlyinter,

I see that this is your first post here on Susan's Place and I would like to take a few moments to officially welcome you to our little corner of the internet.  We are a supportive website for everyone with any kind of gender related issue. We do have Terms of Service and I will post links to the Terms of Service and other important information below. We are moderated within the Terms of Service because we have many members here who are underage and we must keep Susan's Place Family Friendly for those members.

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And now back to your question.

Women's vulva vary so much in shape and form that nobody here can make any definitive statements. Some women have large clitoris and others barely noticeable. From what you described, you may or may not have had genital surgery as an infant.

If your parents are available, can you talk to them? Do you know the hospital or the doctor who was present at your birth? Medical records should still be available and if you are having pain in your genital area, this is a good reason to do a medical records search.

You stated that you are intersex. Is this confirmed by chromosome testing?

Years ago, it was thought that an infant's genitals not clearly defined as male or female must be surgically "corrected" before any development of a person's gender orientation, as it was thought that environment was the main factor in determining a persons sense of being male or female. Today we know that this is not true, but depending on your age, this may be what happened to you.

I wish you the best and hope you do find the answers you are looking for. Take care.  :-*

You see what is above the skin and visible.  Feel around below the skin as best you can skin.  What is it anchored on? 

Wear thicker and preferably cotton panties.  Try looser and softer clothing.  That may help. 



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