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Carla's GRS op

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Day minus 1
Went to work on bus as raining loads, moved office so can get lift to work easier after op.
Went home about 16.00 cycled round to friends to drop spare keys off so can water plants
Double checked everything packed (essentials like english tea bags)
Roll suitcase to Eindhoven Station and wait until 18.30 for cheap post rush hour prices
2.5hr train journey to Beverwijk 25 min walk to towns only hotel.
Just in time for euro 2020 football and rest.
All I have eaten is 3 slices of gingerbread but luckily not hungry
Follow instructions to put solution up bottom find out what said solution does 10 minutes later
Set alarm for 5.45 and go to bed

Day 1 (the big day)
Awake 5.45 get showered
Leave hotel and drag suitcase 20 mins to Medische Kliniek Velsen
Check into my room strip down and put on paper gown
Talk to nurses about previous visit for orchiectomy
Get in to bed and taken to prep room
Intrevenus drip added and hooked up to beeping machine
Chat with Dr Kanhai about FFS and GRS
Get wheeled to OR (this is like begining of a disney ride)
Hop on to the operating table and get all hooked up
Have another chat and wake up 9 hours later in the recovery room
Do my diagnostic checks (mainly counting in different languages the lights and wiggling toes and fingers)
I was first in a last out heading down to the ward about 19.00
I had some food that made me nauseous and painkiller later too got a spositary for that
Had my antibiotic drip refilled face bandages checked and pads and special pants changed before going to sleep about 23.00


Northern Star Girl:
Dear Carla:
I will be thinking about you with extreme positivity that your surgery will go well and that your results and recovery will go smoothly.

As you feel comfortable doing, please keep me and the rest of your followers updated.
I wish for you happiness and success.

HUGS and more HUGS   

Day 2 started well had good nights sleep, surgeon came to visit first thing and took a look at my new ladies bits he told me he was able to get 10cm of depth I jokingly said that's 8 inches in English I was only expecting 7 cms so I guess bonus
 I kinda of drifted in and out all day and had a little go at walking and was a bit dizzy
Food was kind of difficult to keep down but pushed through

Day 3 I had a horrendous nights sleep the face bandage doubled with laying on my back made it difficult to breathe and I had panic attacks all night
Felt really rough and struggled with breakfast managed to get some rest on my side and was do a test walk at lunch time, followed lt a number 2.

Number 1's were stopped free flowing through the catheter and had to relax to empty then bladder checked with ultrasound
Feeling a lot better haven't slept and hope can sleep on side tonight with out panic


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