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I had my consult today with my surgeon and it went very well. Im looking to get a lip lift and fat in upper lip also either a check implants or just fat injected im not sure which one is going to be better. He suggested that a check implant will look un natural but said he would do it if i wanted. Any thoughts on that ? Also im looking breast implants for this surgery. Im very nervous because i want them to look decent and natural more so then size. I have a small A right now. Can any one speak from experience on what happens after a while having them in. Do they settle down and look more real? Does going with a smaller size like 400cc give the skin time to stretch little bit. He mention a tissue expander but i wasnt interested. Anyone have any thoughts please.

The surgeon who did my FFS told me that nothing feminizes more than cheek implants. I agree with him, but for other reasons, I decided against cheek implants. My cheeks look like my mother's cheek bones. Not bad, but not hyper feminine either. Take your pick.

Breast implant surgery is an art, not a science. The only person who can give you any help here is your surgeon. Look at photos of their past patients and especially look at those women who have similar chest measurements to yourself. The most important part of this surgery is the creation of the implant pocket. If the pocket is too low or high or uneven, your results will not look natural.

To make breast implants look more natural, make sure they are put under the muscle not on top. This also has another advantage in that if they are on top of the muscle you will need to massage them on a daily basis as where under, your muscle will automatically massage them as you move around.


Northern Star Girl:

Dear Sydney:
A lot of our members here have posted questions about and shared their own experiences and results regarding Breast Augmentation surgery...

You will find their postings and sharing on the various topic areas of the Forums...
...mostly in the Transitioning sub-forum.

Find the "Search" Box near the right-top of any page and enter  "Breast Augmentation"  and you will find 73+ hits that will direct you to informational postings and first-hand accounts by our members.

If you have any further questions, please ask.


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