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Beverly Ann Blount has passed away.

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It is with great sadness that I announce that Beverly Ann Blount has passed away.

Beverly's spouse Debra posted the following announcement to her facebook.

Jack Boylan a friend of Beverly's said the following about her passing.

Beverly was a valued member of the forum staff on this web site for many years, and her contributions were invaluable. She was a mentor and friend and I will miss her forever. I am adding her to my daily prayers for those who have gone before us.

Debbie Stevens, Leighann Sparks, Dennis Evans, Elenor Lister, among others, and now Beverly Ann Blount. Legends one and all!

Thanks for posting this Susan not on FB much these days . . .

Another kindred employee who will be sorely missed might try to attend Sunday if circumstances permit.  :(

Farewell, Beverly.  :'(

I remember Beverly. I'm pretty sure she was staff here when I joined. Although she just went by Bev.

Rest in peace, sweetie. My thoughts are with your your family and friends.

I will be representing the web site at the grave side service tomorrow. You should recognize me by my red hair. I plan to stop and pick up some flowers before the service tomorrow. This was a long long drive.


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