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Beverly Ann Blount has passed away.

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--- Quote from: Sephirah on June 25, 2021, 02:51:59 pm ---Rest in peace, sweetie. My thoughts are with your family and friends.
--- End quote ---

        Sephirah Beverly is still here but, with "Date Registered:03 November 2015", she may have indeed changed sign-in, re-registered name anew? (Have known her long-time and my Susan's profile "u=2035")

Susan, thanks for attending! Wish had known, could 'ave helped with an r/t Delta ticket into Macon! WOW (from FB served in Vietnam?):

Started New Job at Delta Air Lines
September 15, 1967 — Retired
Atlanta, Georgia
1967-68 Atlanta Air Cargo
Military leave of absence 1968-1972
1972-1989 Jacksonville Airport
1989 Atlanta Reservations
1989-1993 Jacksonville Reservations
1993-2001 Atlanta Reservations

Beverly was buried in a rose coffin with a pink interior, and dressed in the type of casual outfits she liked to wear in her  daily life. There was good attendance by family and friends, and she was loved and respected for who she was, and how she lived her life; both in life and in death.

These are the flowers the site got Beverly.

Out of respect for the those attending I avoided taking pictures with people in them as much as possible.


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