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Peritoneal pull through penile inversion surgery advice sought

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Hello everyone,

I'm about to have peritoneal pull through penile inversion surgery and I'm looking for any advice that any of you who have had this surgery might have for me. I would also welcome comments about things that you weren't expecting but that happened, how you coped, things that were expected, the not so nice things and the nice things. I'm excited but also I feel a little frightened... Having said that I am ready and committed to surgery. I'm having my surgery with Kieran Hart in Canberra in Australia. I'm about to have my initial consultation today and then I suppose I will find out a date for surgery later. Thanks everyone.



I have heard about this being done in Thailand by a couple of surgeons. Its the state of art for srs surgery. Would be interested in the results. Dr Kamol claims to do it here but I am unable to contact any patients to hear their views. Sounds fantastic and has been used by cis females  with ecellent results. Just about to look up some research papers on this also. Good luck and do please let us know how it was.Most interesting. :)

Hi Warlockmaker,

Thanks for your reply. Yes it does sound very exciting. I have researched this extensively and found that it is actually an established procedure with excellent results and I'm particularly attracted to the fact the result will be mucosal etc. I recently received my surgery date as being in SEP22 so I'll be able to let you know more then.

kind regards


Allie Jayne:
Ozchick, Keiran has been performing this procedure on trans women since October last year, and he has been refining his technique. The latest I have read is that he now prefers a hybrid procedure with PI in the entry and peritoneal tissue lining the rest of the canal. This is apparently more robust. You should discuss this with Kieran as he will want to know your preference. He has a lot of experience with this procedure on cis women. I follow an Australian Trans Surgery page which has had a lot of reports from Keiran Hart's Surgeries, and generally people have been happy with results, though there are no long term reports as yet.

There are mixed reports on the self lubricating effects, but again, no long term reports. I did read some reports that Hart supplies inferior dilators, and some weren't happy with them. If I had considered vaginaplasty, I would have definitely considered Kieran Hart and PPTV, so I hope you have a great success with your surgery!



I had partial peritoneal pull-through with Bluebond-Langner in January. Based on Allie Jayne's comment, it sounds like Hart has adopted a hybrid approach that is very similar to Bluebond's. I have been very happy with my results. Depth and width are very good, and recovery has gone very well. As for lubrication, I get a little bit of liquid when I get aroused, but probably need additional lubrication if I were to have penetration. Over-lubrication in normal life is definitely not an issue.

Bluebond is pretty blunt is saying that she thinks PPTV is the wave of the future and will become the right choice for most patients (although PPTV is more expensive). I'm only a sample of one, but I am very happy.

Feel free to read my SRS diary here:,255584.0.html



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