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I had 550 CC mentor implants done by Dr. McGinn. She said I could go bigger due to my frame but I chose 550 CC because I was afraid I would look too big. She mentioned going under the muscle to help prevent the implant sliding.

Post op I was a 42A bra. I thought I was too small. I was gong to go bigger. I did not go bigger and I though long and hard about the issue.

I lost about 50 pounds and I am a 38 DDD. I go to the gym and I love to lift. I do a fly machine with 130 pounds at 3 sets of 10. I have noticed my breasts look better now that I have been back to the gym for 3 or 4 months. I think the combination of losing weight, having good sized implants and exercising has helped my breasts look really good.

I think going under the muscle may help to secure the implants and give you a more natural look and feel. My breasts do not have lines where the breast meets the skin.

I am still a bit self conscious. I made a comment while with a friend and he said my breasts were perfect and that he loved them. That was the perfect answer. Then he said I was pretty and had a beautiful body. I felt so good when he said that. I guess I just need to see this guy more often :) 

@Rachel i def need to get back into the gym to loose all my covid fat ugh! i know that would help but unfortunately my issue started before my weight gain!  thanks for sharing your experience!

update- i dropped my consult with Dr Barrett after reading some ugly reviews on his post op care!  i have decided to go back to Dr Geoffrey Stiller who i had my labiaplasty done.  My post op care from him has been really good.  i have a consultation setup for this Sept ‚Ķhopefully i can loose some weight before then!  i guess i should have just trusted the Dr that treated me well instead of seeing stars!

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