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Transgender Patients Deserve Better Medical Care

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Lady Sarah:

--- Quote from: Rakel on July 01, 2021, 09:00:08 pm ---Some of the best doctors specializing in transgender services have experienced their own gender issues. They definitely understand the serious nature of our condition.

However, a hospital is a complex facility that requires many medical specialties and other services. This is going to be a full time operation and a co-operative based enterprise is not a realistic option.

Just go to work for an employer who offers a good health insurance benefit. There are many health care providers who do understand our condition.

--- End quote ---

Easier said than done. Not everybody wants to live in a city where all those services are available. Not everybody can afford to. Not everybody has what it takes to just get a job with great benefits so easily.

Not everybody owns airplanes and yachts or lives in mansions. Do not forget that even the trans community is very diverse. Some of us are very wealthy, and some are quite impoverished, with most somewhere in between. Education levels are comparable.

If that means I have to drive an hour to see a doctor, and drive another hour to get back home, that's what I'll do. The doctors in the county in which I reside are more like veterinarians. They have limited skills. Most cases get sent an hour away to another hospital in case of emergency. That is how rural of an area I live in, and I love it.

Allie Jayne:
Getting adequate treatment from a doctor experienced in trans care is a rarity. Most doctors simply don't know how to treat trans patients and tans people suffer as a result. This is mostly because there is not adequate support on transgender care given to doctors, and this, in turn, is driven by falsely low statistics held by governments. I have read that the trans population in the US is 0.3% of the population, so why would such a small group receive funding.

Until the statistics accurately reflect the trans population, and sufficient funding is available to teach doctors, the only answer is to have a central hub of trans specialised medical carers who can advise the broader medical community. An organisation like the Mayo centre could provide this.



Very well said Lady Sarah
I agree about prices good thing I live close to the border because getting procedures done over there is a lot cheaper. Just as a example I paid 1500 for my wife's BBL over there just imagine how much that would cost at a plastic surgery place in the US.
Now for me that I'm only looking into removing 1 thing what would that cost going to a specialist overhear.

The only reason I mentioned a co-op hospital previously is due to them being a non profit which would be more affordable. Plus if the board members are all for the trans community then there would be no turning away people.


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