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Susan R:
Some of you may know I had to cancel my scheduled Final Stage GRS surgery which was to add depth to my existing Minimal Depth Vaginoplasty (MDV) due to getting Covid in early June. The surgery was scheduled for June 18, I was in a waiting pattern for the next available surgery date which was sometime in February 2022.

I am in the best mood today. First off, I feel great physically, emotionally and spiritually which doesn’t happen all at once very often. After a relatively bad bout of Covid lasting for nearly 3 weeks, I can honestly say that I am feeling 100% better with the exception of one small nagging tinnitus issue but I am still hopeful that it will disappear in time. My wife is also fully recovered so all is good there.

I was told when I canceled, I would be put on a list for a future surgery date if there are cancelations. At the time of my scheduled surgery, there were only 2 unconfirmed cancelations upcoming in late July and August. Since then, I have learned from Dr. Stiller’s staff that those two slots were already booked. I wasn’t to happy about waiting until February to have surgery. So I decided to be proactive about checking in every two weeks to see if something was going to open up. Wednesday (yesterday) was my day to call Alison, my surgical coordinator. Typically, I called email and called and found out soon after that she is on vacation until after the July 4th holiday.
So today, I got up and the day started out as any usual day but changed immediately after I opened my email. I could not believe it! I didn’t think I would hear or read a thing from Alison until next week at the earliest with her vacation and all. But wherever she is and whatever she is doing she must have access to her work computer because I saw a reply to yesterday’s inquiry. I didn’t expect a thing except that perhaps there was another unconfirmed cancelation down the road. I was so wrong. I HAVE A NEW SURGERY DATE!! It’s actually not too far away either….SEPTEMBER 7th!
I have been on cloud nine all day. I feel great and might spend some time outside of my home in this beautiful weather. I have been cooped up in the house too long. Also, I have actually taken any new pics since mid-May so here is my first Post-Covid selfie.

Susan R🌷

Maid Marion:
Hi Susan

Congratulations on getting the September surgery date!

Good luck!


Northern Star Girl:
@Susan R
Dear Susan:
I read your last posting with some concerns regarding your surgery delays and your recent Covid issues.

Yes indeed, you are quite justified in "being on cloud nine all day" .... 
...and your new posted picture clearly shows it.

Your big smile, nice outfit and your general appearance shows a very happy woman.

Thank you for sharing your good news... and your new September 7th surgery date will
be here faster than you realize.

Please, as you feel comfortable doing, keep me and the rest of your followers updated.
HUGS and HUGS .... 

Susan R:
@Maid Marion @Northern Star Girl

Thank you both for your very nice comments.🙂

Susan R🌷

Great to hear you have a new date sooner than you expected.  Keep us updated on how everything goes for you.


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