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Help - Using a binder isn't enough to pass

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Honestly, other than a binder, I can't think of anything else other than surgery that would safely flatten a large chest.

Good luck with your search.


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Maid Marion:
There are some guys with very feminine chests.  It is one of the side of effects of a number of medications.
My chest is 32A, enough to fill a VS bra or Junior's tops.  No HRT.  AMAB.

Your walk or mannerisms may be just as big a factor in passing as your chest.

Folks look at you and quickly decide gender based on an overall impression of what they see.
Rarely do they run through a checklist of items.

Unlike belly fat, breast fat may be changed rather easily with changes in weight.  You may want to consider a weight reduction as some of that will come off your chest.  It isn't talked about much because most GGs don't have the same goals that you do.


I'm not sure what GG is but thank you for the advice. I already do boxing and it would be fairly easy for me to ramp up the amount of fitness training I do. Hopefully i will get more post with some more advice.

Maid Marion:
GG is genetic girl.

You could also change your fitness routine to avoid muscle building.  Cardio and aerobics.

Instead of digging a hole quickly with a standard shovel, I'll work slowly with a smaller one.
Much less stress on my body so I don't have back issues in the future.


Thanks again for the advice


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