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Can a partial course of hair removal be done? At this time, I doubt I'll ever transition, but I would really like to lighten my beard. Would just a couple of treatments be of any benifit, or would o be left with 25% of my beard in splotches on my face?

Laser is temporary. It will grow back, especially if you still have Testosterone blood levels in the "male" range.

Electrolysis is a long and slow process. It is considered to be permanent, but since many hair follicles are dormant, one clearing will not be permanent. How much facial hair you have depends on age and ethnic heritage. Some people have thick facial hair and others do not. Younger men have less facial hair than older men.

Being left with patches of hair really depends on the technique and skill of your technician. Have your electrolysis/laser done by a professional technician and tell them exactly what you wish them to do. An even reduction in facial hair is a very easy thing to do.

Good luck and take care.  :-*

no one truely knows how long laser works for. But i had 6 sessions of laser on my face and it removed like 90% of my beard and nothing has grown back in over 18 months, but the lip areas are very hard to do with laser as the contours and the ahir roots are much harder to kill. Now having electrolysis to clean up whats left.

After just one session of laser I had quite a dramatic effect, I would estimate 80% reduction after a couple of weeks since having it.. I am very dark haired with very pale skin, so the ideal candidate (and genetics could be a factor too?).. but the result was so good you could see the few small patches the technician missed.. I have since had another session, and it is now possible to just close shave the few hairs and not have any visible shadow...
I think this is one area where it is especially YMMV.. (your mileage may vary)..


I can only speak anecdotally, but laser didn't really have as much of an effect for ME as I would have hoped (at least on my face).  I would also worry a little about things getting a big "splotchy" if you don't go all the way.

You might actually do a bit better going the electrolysis route without completely clearing everything.  I'm sure the technician would thin the density if you would like rather than perform a full clearing.  You'll have to be very clear about it, though... it seems like the natural inclination is to really focus in on a particular area until it is fully cleared.  That would leave you splotchy too!

I am almost completely through with facial electrolysis, and I think it was the best thing ever.



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