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Funding at last

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So have the funding come through to get the whiskers zapped, first consultation next Wed.

Good for you.  ;D

For us late transitioners, electrolysis is one expensive item that takes years and insurance does not cover. I am happy for you now that you are having this task being taken care of.

Take care.  :-*

Yeah, it was a great relief to get mine sorted out. Finding a good electrolysis therapist turned out to be really easy, as one local to me been a specialist in the field for 30yrs, and actually knows my wife through beauty therapy :)  But ohhh my top lip is painful as hell.
I would suggest not using any pain medication before the first 2 sessions, as the therapist will use this to get the current correct and they cannot do it correctly without valid feedback fromn the client..after that i would invest in some emla cream :) my god that helps a load

It feels so good to have my cheeks mostly hairless and nearly there on the upper lip. We're down to my jawline and chin, and after that, neck.

Getting rid of all the dark hairs first is a great idea. I did that, and now after I shave you can barely see anything.

I have only used ibuprofen for the most part and it's been livable. Good pain if you know what I mean.

My smartphone thinks it's smarter than me. It's probably right.

Trouble is I have a low pain threshold ! Will find out soon-------------


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