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I am an intersex male. Curious about others with this condition and wanting to see how they navigate through life. Of course I knew about this site early on by searching but when I first found out in my 30’s I was dismissive of being intersex. Now I want to see how others are doing physically, emotionally and spiritually. I only have met two other intersex people in person and I feel a bond with them.
I hope that all of you are doing well and I look forward to reading and sharing.
Thank you

Northern Star Girl:
Thank you for following the LINK that our member @Rakel gave to you in her Welcome Message in reply to your first post yesterday.

Please be certain to look over the important information and Rules in her Welcome Message that will help you to navigate safely around the Forums.

Again, thank you for letting other members here know of your arrival to the Susan's Place Forums.

If you have any questions you can contact Rakel at
or you
can contact ME at

As you read, post and share you will most likely find like-minded friends here.
HUGS and best wishes,
and again, Welcome to Susan's Place and the Forums.
Danielle (Northern Star Girl)
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Maid Marion:
Hi Blueday14,

I'm AMAB but look great in women's clothes as I have a petite hourglass figure. 5' 3" with a 25 inch waist.  112 lbs.

When I presented male I'd fall into what is known as the "uncanny valley" and find it very difficult to socialize.
No visible Adam's apple and my waistline is above my belly button (guys normally have their waist below the belly button).  I think I'd screw up their gender recognition and things would go downhill from there.

Now that I present female my walk, talk, and mannerisms match my appearance.  I can now do small talk with ease. My hair is  down to the middle of my back and typically wear junior's styles that look good if you have small breasts. I show a lot of leg because, as one friend pointed out, I could pass for twenty if I dyed my hair.

I love shopping for clothes.  A bonus for buying women's XS instead of men's small is that clothes I buy now are significantly smaller, so I can fit more clothes in the same space!


Hi Blueday14!




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