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Help me stop looking ugly.

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I'm a 29 year old MtF living in San Francisco. I have been transitioning since 2016, when I was 24, but my results have been poor and I feel extremely despondent about this. I feel flabby, frumpy, and ugly 24/7. I don't really know what can be done for me other than lose some more weight and get FFS (this is not realistic for me right now as a borderline minimum wage worker).

I am on a high dose of E and recently went on a lower dose of prog as well, but I think at this point, what I truly need is FFS, which again I cannot afford. And no, I can't just get a job at Starbucks; they won't hire me! I've tried numerous times to get a job there. I don’t have the cheerful personality they are looking for. My life is far from cheery. I actually detransitioned back to male presenting in early 2019 for six months due to my immense frustration over my terrible results. Obviously the detransition didn’t work because I am a trans woman not a man.

The pics below were all taken within the past couple weeks. Honestly due to my low confidence in my appearance a lot of the time I just roll out of bed and put a hoody on because even when I try, I still look fugly.

My pics didn’t show up. Does anyone know how to post pics on this forum?

Maid Marion:
Upload to hosting site and post a link.

I use


Tell me if this works

These pics were all taken in the last week or so

please help me..

Maid Marion:
Hi Maggpie,

I don't see the need for FFS.  I think you look quite feminine.

I have an unusually thin waistline because my circumstances allow me to spend a few hours every day during the warmer months working on my flower gardens.



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