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Laura's BA Journey

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Laura's BA Journey

July 7, 2021

First, thank you to Susan, @Devlyn and @Danielle for making this subforum possible. I DO hope to see many stories here about our BA journeys.

To BA or not to BA, that is the question.

When i first began HRT five years ago, and again when i recommitted to HRT two years ago, i had hoped for a "B" cup and would have been thrilled with a "C". With the prevailing knowledge that we tend to achieve one size under what our closest female relatives reached, a B seemed probable. Most of my relatives have C and D cups.

However, i stopped at an A cup a year ago and have seen no new growth since then. Yes, i do see many tennis players with my cup size or even smaller, but at least to me, since i'll never have female hips, i'd at least like to have breasts that are proportional to my frame.  A "C" cup would be ideal but i'd be happy with a full B.

When i had my yearly check-up last fall with my trans specialist, i began to inquire about BA and GCS. She was onboard with both decisions and recommended me to Kaiser's therapist which is the first gate that must me passed. My online conversation with the therapist informed me that the wait time for BA was currently about four months while the GCS timeline was closer to a year.

Because i wanted to give HRT more time, just in case a surprise spurt happened, i delayed an appointment with the BA surgeon.  That was probably a mistake, because now that the country is opening up, more of us MTF's are seeking procedures.

My current BA journey began two months ago when i asked my Trans doctor for a referral. When it came time to book an appointment with my regular therapist (which is more like a concierge than a therapist), i found that appointments required anywhere between a three and four month wait. My own appointment is scheduled for late July, after which i'll be referred to a surgeon. The current wait time for surgery is about a year.

More about my journey when it happens.



Northern Star Girl:
Dear Laura:

I am so very glad that you found our new Breast Augmentation sub-forum. 
Your request was instrumental in the creation of this new sub-forum.

Along with the rest of your followers I will be eagerly following your "BA" journey.
I wish you well as you continue to jump through all the hoops required by doctors
and insurance companies....

HUGS and best wishes for happy results.

Another Nikki:
thanks for creating this thread laura.  like you i’m going to give hrt a little more time.  if i can’t get into b cup territory by the end of 2023, i may do the same.  so i guess that means start the process around the end of 2022.

Hi Laura

I've been very lucky with boobs, I've grown to a 36D/DD with just hormones, (hard to be exact as I've lost 2 stone and it varies with bra make. I completely disprove the one size smaller than family theory.

The good news is that they carry on growing for well over 10 years so you could have more growth

The bad news is the same- you might not get to find out for over 10 years, and, like me, you'll be 70 in a few weeks.

If I were you, I'd have a BA in a heartbeat. 36D sounds fantastic, and it is but I have no cleavage, and unless I wear a bra they don't really show through clothes, and I find bras uncomfortable.

Even if you do grow after BA I still don't think you'd regret it.

I'll PM you some photos if you think they'd help.



--- Quote from: sandrauk on July 09, 2021, 01:41:40 pm ---Hi Laura

If I were you, I'd have a BA in a heartbeat. 36D sounds fantastic, and it is but I have no cleavage, and unless I wear a bra they don't really show through clothes, and I find bras uncomfortable.


--- End quote ---
Im a 36B cup and am super happy with that. A couple of things I’d say about your post;
1. You probably need to do to a bra fitting as u may well be wearing the wrong size if they are uncomfortable
2. Not sure about how BA will change the cleavage as it’s all about rib cage I thought. Happy to he corrected though!

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