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Thanks Pammie

I haven't been for a fitting as I have many bras in all different sizes, but I suppose a fitting may help.

A 36 band seems to fit but after a couple of hours it starts to dig in,  I do like the projection it gives but it still lacks cleavage. I have a "2 sizes bigger" bra that really pushes them together, but it just looks ridiculous, and at my age, wrinkly, ugh.

A 38 band size has much flatter cups, and with sticky out nips, pushes them in and sets my teeth on edge.

Bra-less, I can't wear anything tight to show them off as the nips are just too much for a PG audience. I like attention but not that kind.

As for a BA I've seen a few here where the problem seems to have been solved.


I had my BA exactly one year ago at 73!   For me it was the easiest recovery of all my surgeries and immensely satisfying.  It is the only trans surgery that millions of CIS women all over the world have done.  It added to my female experience and acceptance too.  Laura, it seems that you are decided, so do it.  I would just suggest more than one consultation and opinion, I had two and they were very different.

July 26, 2021


One of the things i enjoy about having Kaiser insurance is their support for our transition that goes far beyond just providing HRT. Through them, i've received FFS, electrolysis, and consultations for GCS. Today was my video appointment for BA, something i'd waited for a few months due to their busy schedule.

Kaiser's process begins with the Multi Specialty Transitions (MST) office which refers you to a therapist, which is actually part therapist and part concierge. This morning was my video conference with a therapist who spent 30 minutes updating my record, asking questions about my transition and support system, and providing basic information about breast augmentation. This is essentially their informed consent process, which is fine.

Upon completion, she referred me back to the MST for the next step, which is an appointment with a nurse to ask more questions and connect me with a surgeon. While writing this post, i received their call and arranged for a nurse consultation this Friday.

One step at a time.


Ahhh BA, I put it off for 4 years, unfortunately I never developed anything more than Bee stings and large nipples. D:

September last year I finally had them done. 280cc both sides.
I'm now a 34C.
It has really changed my whole shape. And has in the end added massive amounts of confidence to me.
It was also a very easy surgery, I loved the whole experience.
Healing was very fast, scraping minimal and all sensitivity is back. Only lost some around the scar area.

I think honestly we over think the surgery.
I was lucky I got rail roaded when I went in on the day. I never knew exactly when I was due for the operation.
So when I arrived at 8 and was under at 9:30, with all paperwork and Dr marking me up, I had no time to over think it, painic and back out of it!

Do it or don't do it for yourself anyway. Not for anyone else!

Thank you @Rachel_Christina, for sharing....This is something I've contemplated from the beginning. Had I ended up with a natural B, I would have been happy, but now that I know I'll never be larger than an A, it was time for a consultation....A C cup would be nice, but I'll wait for the surgeon's advice about proportion. This is all for me and my self-confidence.

I'm curious about the recovery. I play tennis fairly frequently so I'm anxious about how long I'll have to stop exercising before returning. I'll know more Friday.



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