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After a chat with my GP I’m being referred to a Gender Identity Clinic…..which has a 3 year wait. That’s insane!

I’m no spring chicken so am considering a private route instead. Is Gender GP the recommended option or are there other alternatives?

Thank you

Hello Connie

Sadly our NHS (before Covid-19) is/was not funded for Transgender care. As you say 3 year Waiting List for Appointment and if you desire surgery then at least 5 years from now. I did not wish to wait as at 62 had retired and fortunately had the assets.

Consequently I selected GenderGP and was/am  very happy with their all round service of therapy and HRT. I obtain HRT prescriptions from GenderGP who send electronically to my GP and hence NHS covers for free. However I regret to tell you that some GPs refuse to work with GenderGP and that may necessitate a change of GP if you wish.

Later in  my transition I arranged Psychiatrists Referral Letters and my GRS MDV privately. You may wish to my post on GCS Board detailing my surgery which took place June 10th at Nuffield Brighton.

Wishing you success and happiness.


Pamela xx

I went Gender GP as well, 2 year wait to see gender clinic who have fully taken on the HRT. My local docs are great and did a joint program with Gender GP. Covid has put the brakes on getting surgery but looks like some time in Oct ,through the NHS as have zero funds. Taken 5 years to get there.

I also went with Gender GP, and was a great option to avoid the 3-4 year wait. My GP agreed to do the blood work for me and Gender GP issue my prescriptions.
Over the last 2-3 months a few new GIC pilot schemes have sprung up to relieve the pressure on the GIC clinics, such as CMagic in Liverpool, they are taking cases locally referred to the main GIC clinics. This has meant that my wait time on the NHS was reduced dramatically and i have already had 2 appointments with them and am now on the NHS :)

I have taken the GenderGP route, but had problems with my GP. I moved recently and the new GP is far more sympathetic, they have agreed to do all my blood tests and looking to see if they can fund meds. I cannot fault GenderGP and the help they have given me. My chances of getting to see the GIC in my lifetime is seeming more and more remote. It has been a year and not even had an official letter of acceptance, though verbally I have had assurance I am on the waiting list. I will be 69 next birthday and private is the only way to remain sane.

Good luck Connie

Jessica xxx


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