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Epilation and shaving vs home electrolysis

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Last time I posted in this part of the forum, I got myself a silk epil 9, which seem to work well on some parts, while just breaking the hairs in others. I eventually stopped using it altogether because it took way too long and the hair grew back too fast, so I would have to do it again every two days or so. Tried waxing, which had better and more lasting results, but then again, took too long for me to want to do it again.

I switched to shaving, which was a lot faster, but I still hated doing it for the full body every few days even though I felt better without most of my body hair. I stopped shaving it too for about a year now, but I might do it again soon.

I have had a few adds for home electrolysis kits appear in my facebook feeds, and was wondering it that is a good alternative. It also seem to suggest that it can be used on facial hair.

Considering the price, and the time it would take using it, would it be a worthy investment, or should I stick with shaving?

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Laser worked well for me

Edit: Worked even better once I started HRT

I have not seen any "home electrolysis kits", so I cannot comment on them. All I have seen is home pulsed light beam products. These work to varying degrees and are effective for only some people. The only proven permanent effective hair removal method is professionally applied electrolysis. Professional laser is also effective for some people.

Not all electrolysis is the same. The skill of the technician is very important. They must get the electric probe right next to the hair follicle to kill that follicle. This is not that easy to do. These technicians are trained and licensed professionals and even with proper training, some are better than others.

Between hrt and IPL I have very little body hair. I hate shaving. My legs are at a point where i only use my epilator maybe once a month, mostly my knees. Chest, back, belly .. no hair. Oh, no armpit hair, IPL killed those off.

I manged to also kill off dark face and certain pubic hair with the IPL, it was tedious as they are different hair and more coarse. Unfortunately for me, i turned gray early so overall I have a lot of hair left there. I am currently getting electrolysis for the nether region shaping and next month start splitting the time (2 hr session) with my face.

IPL is very much a user specifc "results may vary" option.   lighter skin, darker hair for best results. Slow slow slow. It cannot be done in a hurry. Even at that it takes perseverance as results can take a long time to see.

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