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Epilation and shaving vs home electrolysis

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My electrologist does her own face (just the usual cis woman fine hairs and fuzz). She uses a magnifying mirror with a ring light to do it. I can't quite imagine that you could stand doing it to yourself, but maybe the home kits are weaker.

You have to fine tune the strength of the zap or you can injure your skin. Too weak and the hairs aren't killed.

To be clear, you have to have the vision and the dexterity to get the probe actually down into the follicle.

My smartphone thinks it's smarter than me. It's probably right.

I did home electrolysis, once, 35 years ago. Worked perfectly and never came back. The hairs were not coarse or dark. Virtually no pain

My eyesight was much better then. :)


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It sounds like using hlt for some annoying parts and continue shaving or epilating the rest could give good results.


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