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Wait. I need throat surgery too?


Okay, fine. Loosing the bottom parts far less of a problem. Also I'm only 5'6", so voice trai....

Well, I thought once I got  <an Orchidotomy>   and got HRT and voice would just change, like going through puberty.

Um, what should I read about for voice training? Am I going to be to guy? I look like an American Indian, so as a girl guys aren't going to blink if I suddenly do something really masculine, but seriously I need to know 'cause I'm doing this.

Maid Marion:
HRT doesn't change voice pitch, if that is what you are asking.

I'm 5' 3" and my voice has always been in the normal range for a girl.
I had voice training for modulating my sentences properly.  Over the years I've
greatly improved the ability to express my emotions through my voice.
I can sound angry, for instance.  It is also effortless, I express myself well when I'm tired or
engaged in long conversations.


Ok, okay. Thanks! I'm going to head to Cali and, if I'm reading my advice here right, I just need to talk to Social Security and get tested for gender dysphoria (I'll hand them my diary and show them my collection of online fantasy stories I've written - all TG, some with others). So I don't think that part will be a problem. Then I get I get it done on Medicaid, right?

It's like a dream come true that I can finally do this. Living in Cali might be hard, but I'll find someplace I can get a job.


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