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I need a dating site.


Please don't get mad. The dating sites I'm finding online all seem like bad places or scams. Is there one that's pearl?

Now that I've decided, yeah, dating sites too....

I have not found any sites that stand out as a good place for transgender people to find a serious relationship. Maybe I just have not looked long enough.  :-\

You could inquire at transgender support centers (start perhaps by visiting their Web sites) to see if they have online support groups or face to face events. These are not dating services but you can participate and perhaps find someone you might desire to talk with more outside of these groups. 

Remember, if you meet, be safe.


Zoey Starr:
I really like the Hinge app. it is inclusive for Trans users and kind of quirky and unique. Way better than others I have tried in the past.

Lady Sarah:
Before I got married, I used several dating sites. The ones that are set up primarily for trans people attract those that will treat us like objects. I found it better to go with ordinary dating sites.

If you are privileged,  you might want to go with something like "matchdotcom" where you pay for the service and probably get better matches.

If you are not so privileged,  you might want to try something like "okcupiddotcom" which is free. I found my husband there after more than a year of diligence and weeding out catfish and various others.


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