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Gianna Chondrokoukis:
Hi there !

A friend of mine, plans to have sex reassgnment surgery in Amsterdam.
 If you are an Amsterdam citizen , and work there, you can have SRS with no cost, as she has been informed. So she moves to Amsterdam.

But she can't find any details about it! No photos, no results of the surgery, nothing.  :(
Does anybody have any information about having SRS in Amsterdam ?
F.e. photos with results, names of the doctors and anything else related?

Thank you very much !  :)

Northern Star Girl:
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Global Moderator

There’s a few photos around if you keep looking with google. Wouldn’t risk it myself though.

I have just had my surgery at MKVelsen Klinek near Amsterdam

It was covered by insurance (you have to check which contracts each insurance company has with which surgeons to make sure fully covered)

BUT even though I was already on hormones and diagnosed Transgender in the UK I had to go through the Dutch psychology system about 16 month wait for intake and 4 months (to get homones if not already started as in my case)

you need to then live as a women for a year before any chance of surgery plus if having full depth hair removal is required which is also a slow procedure

hope this helps




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