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Deciding which areas to laser, wax or shave

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I'm 9 months on HRT. Like many of us, I was blessed with plenty of hair before HRT.

I have been doing laser on my face since late 2019 and electro for a month or so. The face will continue like this. Currently the facial hair is about 80-90% gone. Not sure how regrowth will occur after few months or years.

I've also been doing laser on my chest.

Thing is, I still I have plenty of hair on the rest of my body. Although it's reduced in thickness, it's still bothersome.

I was thinking on doing laser on my legs and arms. I've tried shaving but the hairs grow too fast. After 1-2 days it's like male body hair. It's been roughly the same the last 3 months or so.

Couple of questions:

I also have a bit of hair on my shoulders and back (although less than it used to be). Should I try laser there too or waxing for a couple of months and see if HRT continues to reduce the body hair?

And lastly, what about the genital area and the buttocks? There is still too much hair there. Would would be the best solution (I'd like to start wearing feminine apparel - not just jeans, blouses and stuff).

I understand it's YMMV but I'd welcome suggestions.


--- Quote from: kelly_1979 on July 18, 2021, 01:47:22 pm ---I'm 9 months on HRT . . I understand it's YMMV but I'd welcome suggestions.
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      I wouldn't waste your money on "body hair", ya really 'aven't been on E long enough to see it's effect. There are also certain anti-A's that help with reducing vellus hair growth, Startpage "treatment for hirsutism in women".

      Chest hair GONE, underarms as well and 'aven't had to shave legs for long time as "light colored" hair that remains is especially unnoticeable, no reason won't help with other areas as well?.


I can't speak for how HRT affects things (I have yet to begin), but I can say that laser worked really well for me in all areas EXCEPT my face.  I think that the density on my face made it so that the technician would lower the levels too much in order to limit the amount of pain.  I'm glad it worked for you on your face.  I had to go the electrolysis route in order to deal with my beard removal.

Laser worked great for me on my legs, chest, arms, and rear.  Each were 5-7 sessions (they used to do 7 with a package, and now they are backing down to 5).

Anything that is left gets handled with the epilator every once in a while.

Not sure if I'm helping, but I'd say that if you had good results with laser on your face, you'll likely do well in the other areas.  I guess it's all a matter of how patient you want to be with the HRT and how much $$ you're willing to spend  ;D!


Thanks for the replies.

I'm going to post a photo. If anybody could tell me if I'm a good candidate for laser or should I shave and wait it out.

Thanks again.

I cannot see any hair in those photos.

Really, these are questions that are best asked in person who has some expertise in this area of hair removal.


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