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"First Time" Fears - Advice?

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Why reverse cowgirl? I love cowgirl but never did reverse cowgirl.

big kim:
It fitted better reverse cowgirl!

Perhaps most positions, with the right person, are good!   :)
Some may be more comfortable than others.

I wish you the best of results.


pretty pauline:

--- Quote from: thelittlemermaid on July 18, 2021, 06:26:26 pm ---
 I'm so thankful he's been so patient with me and we very much want to conquer this soon.

Since the first time was so long ago, it feels like this will be our actual first time. Besides dilating beforehand, if anyone has any advice on relaxing the canal/muscles, pain prevention/calming my nerves that I'm too tight for him, I would heavily appreciate it!

--- End quote ---
I think you've have the battle won, a bonus having an understanding boyfriend and having the right partner.
It was 14 months after my SRS I had vaginal intercourse with my boyfriend for the first time, I was so nervous and anxious he'd do damage, all penises are big when erect, I asked him to be slow and gentle and he was, it hurt a little the first few times, after the first time,  he kissed me and whispered in my ear ''well worth the wait sweetie'' that was nice to hear.
Now married 11 years, I still get anxious before sex with my husband, we take it slowly, he spreads lube on his hand and fingers, then inserts his fingers into my vagina, then his penis when I'm ready to receive, he actually loves the tightness of my vagina, he relaxes me when I'm feeling anxious, he's very patient with me, it will work out for you, sounds like you have a patient boyfriend, don't worry about your vagina being tight, some guys love a tight vagina, in fact cis women are getting surgery to tighten the vagina particular after child birth and our (neovagina) is naturally tight.

I think its normal to be nervous the first time, it a big moment in a woman's life.

I remember I was nervous as well that first time having vaginal sex, i was about 7 months post op. The guy never knew I was trans (It was suppose to a one night stand), so I just told him I had surgery down there, a few months back so he must be gentle. He was very gentle, and it was a very nice experience, I did have a small orgasm and he obviously had one. he actually mentioned afterward he loved how tight I was.

But I also found out that night, I am not good at one night stands, as I ended up marrying that guy. He now knows my past, he told me that he would never had guessed and he would love to meet the doctor that gave me the best vagina he had ever experienced.


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