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Fully transitioned with Dr. Zukowski

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Hi there,

I completed my transition with Dr. Zukowski yesterday and wanted to share what it has been like, so others can gauge whether he's for them. I will add photos once I'm home and on my desktop. Currently, I'm still in a Wilmette hotel and waiting on my nose to heal.

So, for reference, I'm 27 years old, 5'10, 140 lbs.

In  August of 2017, I'd undergone a breast augmentation, using silicone implants, with a different doctor. They were placed too far apart, and one had developed capsular contracture, which Dr. Zukowski later had to rectify. The cost of the other doctor's procedure was $5k.

In June of 2018, I underwent a forehead reduction, hairline advancement orbital rim contouring, and fat grafting to the temples with Dr. Zukowski. This surgery was extremely potent in its ability to make me look more feminine. There were times when he was really rude, such as when he tried to upsell me for future surgeries with him, while I was about to be anesthetized. He also was really irked that I didn't have all of my supplies (I was confused by what was considered mandatory for post-op recovery vs  optional. As he was in my hotel, with my contract nurse present, to introduce me to the post-op forehead massage, I was blind from all of the swelling in my eyelids. He massaged me sk hard, almost punitively, that I fell to the floor puking. He would not stop remarking about how unusual this nauseous response was, as if I was acting or something. He later called me and apologized, stating that he sometimes aggressively motivates people and not to take it personally  Ultimately it took 8 weeks to look presentable to the world around me because my eyes were so hemorrhaged from the procedure, but it was worth it. It cost me $8,000.

In August of 2019, I underwent a jaw reduction, chin recontouring, trachea shave, and fst transfer to temples/laugh lines/lips/underneath eyes with Dr. Zukowski. This surgery was smooth sailing relative to the forehead surgery because it's so low on the face that any swelling goes straight to the chest area, though I did have chipmunk cheeks for about a month. The pain was minimal, it was extremely transformative, but it's easy to become squeamish because he places a drain in your head - through a surgical hole above your ear - to collect blood. Now that I think about it, he also did a facelift, but it's easy to forget this detail because my face doesn't look like it underwent a facelift whatsoever.  At this point, he was buddy-buddy with me despite him massaging my forehead, years prior, to the point that I cried and threw up. He also made this probably inappropriate, but still a compliment - to my boyfriend that I'm gonna make a "perfect little candy striper" by the time all of the surgeries are finished. Dr. Zukowski is extremely old school. I think the guy genuinely enjoys creating beautiful women. At least he has passion for his work. This procedure cost me $13,000.

In March of 2020, I underwent a breast augmentation revision. He used silicone implants, both around 700cc volume, and irritated me because he went under the muscle. He had said he'd go over. They turned out great at first (I'd have given them a 10), but they soon started drifting apart, such that there's like a three-inch gap between them. I currently think they're like a 7/10 and will probably be getting a revision with someone else. This was, by far, the most painful surgery - perhaps because he had to break up the previous surgeon's scarring and capsular contracture. Admittedly inappropriate comments were the norm by this point, such as him flaunting my breasts tk my boyfriend and saying, "Now THOSE are some good breasts. You're gonna enjoy them." We just rolled our eyes. Along with this surgery game free steroid shots to any residual swelling from past surgeries, as well as more free fst transfer to wherever I had it before. This cost $8,000.

In July of 2021, I underwent a feminizing rhinoplasty and septoplasty.. I have no idea what my nose looks like yet, but both he and the nurse insist that it looks wonderful. I guess I'm also bruised a lot less than most patients who undergo this procedure. As opposed to referring to me, pre-surgery, as a "good friend" of the clinic, I'm now the "star of the clinic". Prior to surgery, I definitely had a feminine nose, but it was a bit wide at the tip. He said that he got rid of that, as well as having made my nose narrower at the bridge. I have never once been told that I have a "schnoz", but he jokingly said that we're going to fix my "schnoz" for me, right before my surgery. This procedure was two hours in duration and the first time I hadn't puked in response to general anesthesia. I want to commend Cole (his extremely emotionally intelligent, professional surgical coordinator), all of his nurses (they're all great and positive), and even his anesthesiologist (when I asked, during the pre-operative rundown, how my nose would look, she laughed and said that I cannot be any prettier than I already am). But most especially, Dr. Zukowski needs a big, fat thank you for understanding how to turn a roster dorky looking trans woman (old me) into a head turner. As far as the results so far, I can't breathe out of my nose and sleeping sucks so much. This surgery cost $6,000.

In summary, he's incredibly competent and loves what he does.  The entire clinic is gender-conscious and doesn't gender someone until they know how they identify. That said, he's politically incorrect as can be, which makes for a strange juxtaposition.

It took all of these procedures, by the way, for him to stop upselling me (something he has been very persistent in doing). After the nose.job, he approached me and basically congratulated fully transitioning with him. There's a bit of sadness on my part because he helped morph me from a cute girl to a supermodel, and his clinic feels like a safe space to me. He does like to call his patients and check in with them, so I guess I look forward to this much at least. Again, I'll post photos whenever I get home and would love to answer any questions.

Good evening Cye,

Your comments about Dr Z seem to be remarkably similar to the comments from many other patients of the good doctor who have posted on this forum. He is an excellent surgeon, however some of the things he says are not always received as intended.  :laugh:

It is unfortunate that you had a less than satisfactory result from your first BA. The sad fact is that while a BA is a fairly simple procedure, not all surgeons have the skill to give us the result we desire, which, in my opinion, is even, symmetrical and natural looking.


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--- Quote from: Cye99 on July 21, 2021, 09:00:52 pm ---..
I completed my transition with Dr. Zukowski yesterday and wanted to share what it has been like, so others can gauge whether he's for them.

--- End quote ---
Wow, there's some unprofessional and unexpected behaviours! It's an unusual situation where you think the surgeon's skill and the outcomes he generates are highly positive, but his behaviours leave a lot to be desired.

So glad you feel great about it!

Welcome to Susan's Place! Being called a Candy Striper is actually high praise, there's nothing inappropriate about it at all.

noun - dated (North American)
a volunteer, typically a young woman, who assists staff in a hospital.

See you around the site!

Hugs, Devlyn

They were called Candy Stripers because they typically wore a uniform that had red and white stripes in order to make it clear that they were minimally trained volunteers. Many went on to nursing school and other professional medical training.


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