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Fully transitioned with Dr. Zukowski

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pretty pauline:

--- Quote from: prudence on July 22, 2021, 12:18:29 am ---Wow, there's some unprofessional and unexpected behaviours! It's an unusual situation where you think the surgeon's skill and the outcomes he generates are highly positive, but his behaviours leave a lot to be desired.

So glad you feel great about it!

--- End quote ---
It is unethical, but sometimes a compliment is disguised in a inappropriate comment, I don't think he'd get away with it with a cis woman, we don't complain because maybe we're just not up to it, being transgender is challenging enough without having to deal with inappropriate comments, flaunting your boobs to your boyfriend was very unprofessional.

Many years ago after I had my SRS surgery, I was back for a 12 month checkup, strapped in position with my legs wide apart, my vulva/vagina was being examined, an medical assistant leaned forward for a better view and says ''wow nice, how about a date, what are you doing tonight'' I was mortified and said nothing, but starting blushing, then he started to awkwardly apologize to spare my blushes, I muttered ''it's ok'', dam it wasn't ok, he was full of embarrassment, I was mortified and the surgeon just smirked hoping this awkward moment would quickly pass. The whole experience was very uncomfortable for me as a woman.
We are women and deserve respect


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