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Inside... Out (aka Prolapse)

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I thought this subject warranted it's own post rather than just another entry in my post-GRS diary.

The title says it all, I have a prolapse, and this will require another round of surgery and recovery to correct.

When I last saw my surgeon for a check up back back in May ('21) he noted a minor external protrusion of the neo-vagina.

Two weeks ago Devlyn and I had a lovely weekend away in London that involved a lot of walking and climbing, but this seems to have made things worse. By the end of the weekend I had some discomfort and could feel quite a bit of pressure when descending stairs. Dilation also got trickier as I had to essentially push a small amount of tissue back in before I could insert the dilator, and I could see it clearly with a mirror.

I'm not in any pain, and I'm being sensible, but it's not going to get better on its own and will require relatively major surgery to correct.

Prolapse are a fairly rare complication in GRS, but they can happen. I wanted to share my own experience in an open manner. I still have no regrets about my GRS, and I'm in a positive place - despite necrosis, severe granulation and now this!

Please feel free to ask any specific questions. I'm no expert, but I'm happy to try and answer.

I'll post more here as and when things develop. X

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Northern Star Girl:
Dear Megan:
Thank you for sharing and posting...  I am saddened to read of your Prolapse issues. 
You are obviously doing the correct thing getting this diagnosed and soon being treated
by your doctor/surgeon.

I hope and trust that the subsequent surgery goes well for you and will be successful.

Please, as you feel comfortable doing, keep me and the rest of your followers updated as
things progress.

HUGS and as always, my best wishes.

Oh no! I'm so sorry...terrible luck. I hope the surgery goes you know what the recovery is expected to be like?


What terrible luck! I am truly sorry to read this sad news, Megan. I hope you are soon able to see your surgeon for a precise diagnosis of the necessary surgery and that the latter may be performed in early course.


Pamela xx

I am sorry to hear about your recovery problem.  You certainly have the right attitude!  While I did not have a prolapsed vagina as I had MDV, I suffered from a similar issue with continuous swelling and discomfort from a labia minora.  I was referred to a physiotherapist that specializes in women's pelvic problems by the local GCS surgeon.  After an examination she recommended that I try a special garment that is for treating a prolapsed vagina.  While the garment did relief my discomfort when I wore it, it did not ultimately solve my problem and I eventually needed surgery to correct it. If you would like, I can send you a link to the website that sells them.


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