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Hi, this is me introducing myself


Hi, this is me introducing myself.

I'm 27 and fully transitioned, at least to the extent that I'm cool with what wakes me up in the morning. I'm a database developer-turned-model. I am from Indiana, followed by Chicago, followed by Vegas, followed by Nowhere, AZ. I am extremely introverted, love the stars, love travel, love culture in general, and am engaged to a television actor that I think a few people may have seen in certain media.

Apparently I just finished my transition (again, I don't ever want SRS), and I have so much nonsense I could share from having transitioned for almost the entirety of my adulthood. People could learn from me <3 But I'm also on here because, even though I seem to be able to socialize really well, I'm schizoid and have no friends (outside of my fiance). He is doing a good job of introducing me to people, but all conversation ceases to exist if I'm around, especially back in the day when I actually attended trans support group meetings and made attempts at befriending other trans people. Would love to actually make trans friends on here, especially since I'm much better at typing than talking.

I think I'm probably a good resource for peeps because I'm young (27) but fully transitioned, with FFS and all the other jazz. I'm not insecure at all, and I have A LOT of time on my hands. Feel free to say HOWDY. Have a good day.

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Cye:
Hello to you!  I see that you have just joined Susan's Place and the Forums
a few days ago and that you have already submitted a few postings.,.
Please look carefully at the Welcome Message that our lovely member @Rakel posted in response to your very first posting on July 21st.
...and be sure to click on the informational LINKS to the Rules and Procedures here on
the Forums that she included at the end of her Welcome Message to you.

For your convenience here is a link to the complete Site Rules and Terms of Service so you may read them here.  Please take the time to carefully read them.

Please allow me to also give you a warm Welcome to Susan's Place and the Forums
I trust that you will read, share, and post your thoughts as you feel comfortable doing.

Again, wishing you a warm Welcome,
Best Regards,

Battle Goddess:
Hi, Cye. Thanks for sharing. Yah, in-person isn't as easy as in print for me, either. This is a good place to share one's thoughts.


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