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Voice surgery to remove baritone and change resonance

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Is there any surgery to remove baritone and change resonance? Im very unhappy with my voice surgery as the pitch didnt go up much and the baritone came back partially one year post op. Sad because some girls after their surgery at yeson or other surgeons when they used similar techniques had a change in baritone and resonance but mine only had a 20hz or so pitch increase.

Currently looking to get a revision locally to save money as insurance partially covers it but I just want to make sure I do the right procedure.

I am so sorry that you did not get the results you expected. There must be some reason for this. I feel that the best surgeon to find out what is going on is with the surgeon who did the initial procedure, assuming you had the surgery done by a well qualified and respected surgeon.

Many surgeries require revisions to get it right. There are just too many variables to surgery to predict a positive, repetitive outcome. To be sure, the surgeon's skill is the most important, but you must also consider your personal anatomy. Everybody is different and we will all gets results unique to our selves.

When I had my FFS, my surgeon was very open about needing a revision, because he said that it is easier to take a little more off, than it is to put something back. I had one revision to my FFS. That was about 4 years ago and when it comes time to do a touch up, I will go to the same surgeon again.

Problem is I did my surgery at yeson. And Dr Kim himself told me that he rarely will agree to do a revision. I suspect my case is due to the vocal cords not being shortened enough. I was told I would have 1/3 shortened but after going to a local vocal clinic, i was correct in my earlier concern that from looking at the photos provided to me, only 1/4 had been shortened. I know some girls who did it at yeson around the time as myself and their results were so much more dramtic and better than mine. Upon seeing their before and after for their vocal cords, they had much more reduction than me. When I spoke to Dr Kim about my concerns he said he did in fact reduce it by 1/3. However everyone i showed the before and after photos to clearly said it seemed more like only 1/5 - 1/4 reduction. I finally got my answer from a local ENT who performs femlar. After he did the analysis he confirmed only about 1/4 was reduced.

I doubt I will be going back to yeson as I would have to not only quarantine in Korea for 2 weeks in a hotel and not allowed to leave the room(covid regulations), I would also have to pay for the plane ticket which is alot more expensive now due to limited flights, AND i would have to pay additional fees for a revision if Dr kim even agrees to do it. I rather just do it locally with a good surgeon who uses a fairly similar technique and have medicare cover half the costs.

I had a CTS and my HZ went from 135 to 170 HZ. I had a glottoplasty and it was placed in the middle of the vocal fold and it was aggressive.

I went to Dr. Thomas and had Fem Lar and about 4 months later laser tuning (correcting an issue from the original glottoplasty).

My HZ are 230 to 260HZ and sometimes it peaks to 500 to 600HZ when I speak and use articulation. This is in normal speaking with no effort. Dr. Thomas saved my voice.

Plus is Portland is very nice and small enough you can walk to places. Plus there are dispensaries every other block or so.

I spoke to an older transitioner that went to Dr. Kim and her HZ were 170. She said she had to still raise her voice when speaking.

When older T has had longer to make changes to vocal cords and voice box size.


Why did you require a laser procedure following your femlar? And how invasive is femlar? Its an external incision which leaves a scar no?


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