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Racing games?

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Now that I have the cars IRL I don't feel the need for the games anymore, it's weird!!


--- Quote from: Shiny_Jennifer_M on July 26, 2021, 03:28:16 pm ---Anyone a racing game fan? I'd love to get some friends on Xbox Live to play some racing games with. Forza, Project Cars, Need For Speed, DiRT, Grid, you name it. Wheel or no wheel.

I don't play with a fem ID or persona but would love to play online with new friends x


--- End quote ---

Not for a long, long time.

I played a few Gran Turismo games back as a kid. Before they ruined it with the "App" format. Forza looks kind of interesting. But I only really play games now where you can make your own character. I have a natural aversion to being a dudebro with a fast car. That is a complete turnoff.

--- Quote from: Rachel_Christina on July 26, 2021, 03:33:21 pm ---Need for speed most wanted :') those where the days!

--- End quote ---

I remember that, omg. That game was awesome back in the day. Haven't played another one since then but I have super fond memories of that game. The cop chases were epic. I swear this is what they wanted the Fast and Furious movies to be modelled on. Before they got all over the top and weird.

I owned an Impreza WRX at one time. The thing went like a bat out of hell. Kind of took away the need to play the game versions, lol.

I still have my TT6 99 Supra.
Every now and then I will cruise with snoop Dogg and the doors, Riders on the storm.
Gives me chills times thinking over life and where we are now!

Never could get into racing or sports games (aside from skateboarding).  I prefer adventure/horror/platform.  It's amazing how racing games look now though.


Crash Bandicoot Team Racing is about as close as I have to racing games.

Well technically I still have the 360 version of NFS Hot Pursuit from my brother but I only really ever played it for the achievements :p


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