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Hi All,

I had my Orchiectomy a year ago and the observant of you will notice I had my GRS 5 weeks ago

I'm not sure how many people here have done this but for me transitioning has been 9 years of baby steps (albeit some sudden sprints)

I hated my testicles pretty soon after I realised I was transgender and obviously after a year or so on HRT they are pretty much surplus to requirement.

For me I have never had surgery and my wife was not keen on me removing the penis so the Orchiectomy seemed a perfect option, the surgery was quick with an overnight stay fairly quick recovery and covered by Dutch Insurance

6 months after I was pretty sure I wanted to do more mainly because I now felt I wasn't either male or female

I was very lucky to get surgery quickly and with the benefit of having had the Orchiectomy i was less worried about being in hospital. I don't think it made much difference to the surgeons timescale for the operation or the results

For me I think a few extra days of work and some extra recovery time was worth it to make the process less stressful for the full operation and also I knew it was what I really wanted




Northern Star Girl:
Dear Carla:
This is a good report that you posted... thank you for sharing.

This Orchi thread and then most recently your other recent
threads  "Carla's GRS op"   and  "After 2.5 Years HRT Measurements"
where you detailed your surgery experiences and your measurements and
HRT progress is good for our members to read and is
good for you to write out and to share.

It is important for you to track these things and to document them.

It is great for me to read your posts as you are in your journey.
Please continue to keep me and the rest of your followers updated.

HUGS, and best wishes as you continue on.


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