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How big is the “right size” for breasts?

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I think that breasts are very personal and there is no simple answer to “how big or small should they be?”

I think if you are happy with them, regardless of size, then at least for the moment, that is the right size.
Note that you may want them to be larger or smaller than what they are now.

One lady even said that they need to be as big as a mouthful and anything beyond that is not necessary.
Not sure if she was serious or not.

I think they should help make your figure proportional and that you should be pleased with them.

What are your preferences or wishes for your breast size?  Do you plan to have breast augmentation surgery?

Sometimes I wish mine were just a bit closer together but they seem much nicer now that they are B cups.


Northern Star Girl:
Dear Chrissy:
My breasts are a C-cup and they have remained a C-cup.   
I wear a 34C or a 36C depending on the brand and type of bra.

Because I lead a very active lifestyle, jogging, running, etc I am
very happy with the size that they are and I don't wish them to be any larger.   
My body shape and curves are quite proportional so I a very happy.


Fer sure there's no "one size fits all" answer to anything with an aesthetic element. My thoughts are that cosmetic surgery of any kind should leave you looking more attractive than when you started.

Humans find symmetry and proportion attractive and bilateral BA can certainly be used to tune towards both symmetry and proportion. If your natural breast growth results in an asymmetrical appearance, then different sized implants can be a partial solution, or perhaps fat grafting (or a combination of the two).

Many MTF women have relatively broader shoulders and chest walls than ciswomen and that often translates into a proportional look involving implants with a larger diameter base. If you know a little about implants, they come in different types (teardrop or anatomical vs round, etc) and one of the key characteristics of the "appliance" is the measurement of the diameter of the base (where it is in contact with your chest).

For many ciswomen the limiting factor on the size of the implant they can use is their chest wall width. They need say two fingers width between the appliances, plus the base diameter of the implants across their chest wall. If the outside edge of the implant falls too close to their natural body line on the outside (or even exceeds that line) then they get that "busted" look where the implant walls and the wrinkles of the appliance are obvious even through their skin. Some women like to look that way, but it's a real world limitation for BA to improve your attractiveness and proportions.

In relation to MTF women who usually have broader shoulders and chest walls, this often translates into a much larger implant base diameter than cosmetic surgeons are used to. Anecodotally, tall chicks with big shoulders and wider chest walls need bigger implants to achieve that "right" look with proportion and size. If you research what various ciswomen look like before and after BAs, you quickly realise the volume of the implant is not predictive of the "after" appearance. On a slim, petite girl who is 5'1", 300cc teardrops might achieve a pornstar look, while a 5'10" girl with broader shoulders, it might take 800cc round high projection appliances to get a similar look.

And so my thoughts are that many trans women seeking BA could consider a wider base diameter implant, and most likely a larger size. Of course the skill of the surgeon is all, including their "artistic" flair and understanding of what look you're after.

Interesting comments.  Thank you for sharing.


This is a topic I've taken interest in and read a fair bit about over the years. It's safe to say if you wish to be able to wear a wide variety of off-the-rack attire you wouldn't want to be anything larger than about a C-cup. Clothing manufacturers generally design and make women's clothes to work best with small to mid sized bosoms. You could look like Vogue cover model with no breasts at all. But for those of us who grew up admiring centerfold pinup models, it's preferable to sacrifice fashion for volume.

The most common complaint among women who receive breast implants is that they didn't go large enough. Yet many women whose large breast occurred naturally find them burdensome and even have them reduced.

Aside from that is the social factor. A woman in, say, a business setting is more likely to be considered for her words and ideas if her breasts are in the A to B cup range. Women with large breasts to be be seen first as a pair of breasts, then as a person in general. Still, if you value sexually admiring glances, you'll probably gain more with larger breasts.

In the end, you just have to assess your personal values and understand that no matter what size your breasts are you will have advantages and sacrifices to make.


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