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How big is the “right size” for breasts?

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--- Quote from: Lyric on August 03, 2021, 10:18:27 am ---This is a topic I've taken interest in and read a fair bit about over the years. It's safe to say if you wish to be able to wear a wide variety of off-the-rack attire you wouldn't want to be anything larger than about a C-cup. Clothing manufacturers generally design and make women's clothes to work best with small to mid sized bosoms. You could look like Vogue cover model with no breasts at all. But for those of us who grew up admiring centerfold pinup models, it's preferable to sacrifice fashion for volume.

The most common complaint among women who receive breast implants is that they didn't go large enough. Yet many women whose large breast occurred naturally find them burdensome and even have them reduced.

Aside from that is the social factor. A woman in, say, a business setting is more likely to be considered for her words and ideas if her breasts are in the A to B cup range. Women with large breasts to be be seen first as a pair of breasts, then as a person in general. Still, if you value sexually admiring glances, you'll probably gain more with larger breasts.

In the end, you just have to assess your personal values and understand that no matter what size your breasts are you will have advantages and sacrifices to make.

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Always an intriguing topic! Personally I feel that many people approach this aspect of transition with a surprisingly male perspective. Centrefolds are generally for male consumption so hardly relevant to a transwoman surely?

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Bit of a subjective topic like.
We have the notion that suits ourselves. Some people will think differently.
There is no right size.

Maid Marion:
I am quite happy that I can wear 32A VS bras without the assistance of HRT or breast forms.

Juniors's clothing styles are an excellent fit for my hourglass body shape.


Maid Marion:
Another option may be to increase nipple size, as while most men have the same size nipples, the size in women varies considerably.  Nipple suction cups are used by women who have small, flat, or inverted nipples and with to breast feed.  Reports suggest they can be effective for both sexes.

Sometimes the breasts seem to look bigger than on other days.
That makes little sense but it just seems that way.
This is while looking at them with no bra on.
And this is without much of a weight change.

Have any of you noticed this difference on some days?



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