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Policy on COVID-19 Topics and Replies


With the surge of the Delta variant under way in the United States at this time I want to make perfectly clear that there is a policy prohibiting all anti-Mask/anti-Vax/or any kind of COVID-19 disinformation or misinformation from being posted on this site.

If you wanna discuss those topics in a way that differs from the advice given by reputable mainstream medical authorities and organizations, take it to another web site.

The staff will hence forth delete any posts that do so on sight.

While I didn't talk much on the site about it, I personally witnessed a friend die from COVID-19. I saw them fight to live, coughing up blood, their skin changing colors, I saw their struggle to breath, and I saw them die. It wasn't a pleasant way to go. Death was a blessing to them. 

I am fully vaccinated, and I recommend everyone who isn't do so as soon as possible! Even though I am vaccinated against COVID-19 with the infectiousness  of the Delta variant, I wear a mask anytime I am in an enclosed space with anyone else. I would strongly suggest you to do so as well.

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Susan:
Thank you for posting the  "COVID-19 Topics and Replies" policy
for all of our members to see and to read.

This will give us all a reference to help define what is acceptable
and what is not ... here on the Forums.



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