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Personally speaking, I haven't gotten all the vaccines and boosters yet, and I'm not going to, simply because I'm super terrified of needles, and I'm pretty sure mom and I both already had both strains of Covid. Mom doesn't want to get vaccinated because she's seventy years old with a list of health conditions longer than my forearm, and got scared of the vaccine after one of her AA friends got sick and passed away after getting vaccinated...personally, I'm pretty sure that guy was probably gonna die anyway regardless of getting vaccinated lol, but hey, everybody's got their reasons. I've always been socially liberal and independent; I'll always be pro-choice when it comes to people being free to make their own decisions in regards to what they do with their own body. ...Just my 🪙🪙.

--- Quote from: ChrissyRyan on November 14, 2021, 04:04:50 pm ---I find it interesting that so many people were waiting for a vaccine and now that we have medically tested ones, that many do not want to take it!

--- End quote ---

I find it kinda funny, in a dark, sad sorta way. People were demanding a vaccine, then we got some in record time, which made some people suspicious, which made people start to doubt the efficacy of the vaccines until we elected a new President, then all of a sudden, the people who were originally casting doubt on vaccines became angry and confused as to why people weren't trusting the vaccine their newly elected President was trying to push on people lol. 😅

...It's a bad joke lol. Neither the left nor the right should have ever tried to make this stuff political. Smh. 😔


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