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Some big changes in my life

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I have not made a new post in a very long time. Truth is I have a rather boring life and generally do not have much to report. But over the last month I have had two large and note worthy life changes that I would love to share

The first is on July 2, I got married to my lovely partner now wife Kay. It has been a long time coming what with 3 postponements due to Covid lockdown but finally happened

The second, with my change of surname due to marriage I did the “deed” and changed my legal name. Now the fun starts changing my name at all the institutions. So far it has been quite easy. Banks have all gone smoothly with my main bank very happy to oblige. A number of emails required for other places, I have to go to a post office to get a form for driving licence and currently leaving my passport as it is so expensive to change and it has a number of years to run and “ain’t going nowhere soon”.

I feel so happy just need the NHS to pull there fingers out

Jessica xxxx

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Jessica:
It was so nice for me to read your good news.
I am very Happy For You and congratulations to you on so many fronts including your marriage.

Thank you for sharing and posting.

Thank you so much Danielle
Jessica xxx

Dear Jessica

It is wonderful to hear from you and especially with so much delightful uplifting news.

Congratulations on both fronts. I wish you and Kay every happiness.

I hope to see you on the next UK Meetup of which the organiser has recently told me, she still intends to arrange later this year.


Pamela xx

Maid Marion:
Hi Jessica,

Congratulations on getting married!

My wife has passed but due to the way our Social Security works I get to collect on her SS benefits when I turn 60, if I decide to retire early.  Doesn't hurt to have a safety net.



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