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Some big changes in my life

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Northern Star Girl:
Dear Jessica
Your "Special Day" arrives tomorrow, Tuesday,  on December 21st....
....and now you can finally celebrate your Birthday with your new and legal name!!!! 
Congratulations to you!!!!

I have been eagerly following your threads and your other posts around the various forums topics.
Thank you for sharing your updates and your life endeavors.... I am wishing you success and happiness
as you continue on in your journey.
     ****NOW, for the other reason that I am posting on your thread.......
Everyone here on the Forums are wishing YOU
....a very :icon_flower: :icon_flower: Happy Birthday :icon_flower: :icon_flower:
I hope that your special day includes time with family and friends...
... with  Candles and CAKE.

***NOTE: On your December 21st birthday be certain to check your profile for a special birthday surprise! :)

HUGS, Warm regards and best wishes on your special day and birthday.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Jessica.


Pamela  xxxx

Very happy birthday dear, wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year as well and hope to see you at meetup if it happens!

Happy Birthday Jessica!

I hope you continue to have success with the name changes. Even after four years I occasionally get junk mail with my dead name...

Love always -- Jessica Rose

Thank you ladies, I have had a great day and just finished a great Japanese meal. Let’s hope we can meet all again soon

Love Jessica 


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