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Some big changes in my life

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Congrats dear, just seen this as playing catch up after being away at a VW show.

Congratulations on you marriage and name change.

In the USA the doctor that did my GCS had to fill out a form so I could get my 10 year passport as female.



Thanks for all your support, just a little update; It has been long winded getting the name changes done, still having a few issues, but today after over 2 months I have finally got my driving licence back and, I know it sounds silly, I was dancing around the living room with my card correctly name changed and gender changed. This is the first legal government document that not only has my name but my gender. An official woman. Other successes, most banks, voting registration, Tax man, directorships with companies house, and lots of vendors.

Remaining problems.
SKY who refuse to change the name without my deed of name change being legally certified (more later)
PayPal that would not change without an identity doc with my new name on, will now I have the driving licence that should be overcome.
Another bank that needed a doc, but with the driving licence being away for so long I need to go the 15 miles to the nearest branch again
Passport, cannot change that yet as I still have flights booked in old name so need to keep it until that has gone through
And finally STILL waiting for my new NHS number registering me as female

Back to the SKY issue, it is not that much of an issue to get the deed certified, BUT, the UK has an archaic system of publishing any court documents and in this case it would give my old and nee names and my address. I am unwilling to put myself to that risk for a utility supplier, as soon as the contact runs out I will cancel it and get a new contract in my name.

Jessica xxx

Nothing wrong with a little joyous celebration of making that hard earned goalpost.  Documents and IDs are hard to change, thanks to all the unscrupulous people in the world doing so for nefarious purposes.  Unfortunately, the innocent have to suffer, like us.  That red tape will always be there, but the pathway is starting to get less daunting.    As for SKY, it is a universal disorder that all public utilities are a pain in the buttocks to deal with.   You have accomplished so much!  Much Happiness and Love to you and your Loved Ones. 


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