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Am I too analytic?


Amy Chislett:
I saw an interview with Caitlyn Jenner where she said it's not what's between your thighs; its what's between your ears.  Then I thought,what actually is it?
There is your body, your sense of self and utility - mine is sister city.
There is your identity, which I subliminally associate with dentition - I have a bold masculine id.
There is your soul; which I like to biorythms - mine is feminine.
And there is your public image - I present as cardinal male.
I hate to appear like Sybil with alternate personalities.  Guess I'll have to muddle through life as usual.

There's who we are and then who we present to the world. When those align, it's kismet, when not, we become less functional and often exhibit maladaptive behaviors. In my own experience, I would agree with Jenner on that point: It is between the ears. The problem for most of us is aligning it with everything else.


--- Quote from: Amy Chislett on August 07, 2021, 06:00:28 pm --- . . she said it's not what's between your thighs; its what's between your ears . . what actually is it?
--- End quote ---

Actually, being inherently SOCIAL evolutionary vertebrates that we are (lol had to look up "dentition"),
 I'd say . . "a little of both"?

--- Quote from: Felix Conrad's "The Novagirl Anthology" ---         Whatever you think of Cheryl Cole now, she was certainly turning heads in 2010 when she was FHM’s sexiest woman in the world for the second year running. Cheryl has it all: the hair, the lips, the breasts, the body, the pretty face, and it would be interesting to know if she ever looks in the mirror and finds herself sexy . .

The answer is probably not.
--- End quote ---

I have no idea and haven't heard the interview myself to fully know the context, but my first thought was the nose so maybe I'm being too literal.


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