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Hi Everyone,

I go by the name of Amber and originally an AMAB and am currently transitioning from male to female (and when I say male to female, I'm all in, I want all the surgeries so I can be the best woman that I feel that I am inside).  When I say I am currently transitioning, I am taking the slow slow process of doing everything I can think of from a male to female transition without surgery/HRT by way of home electrolysis, to growing out my hair, wearing breast forms/feminine genitalia/male to female bodysuits as well as wearing women's clothing/high heels only when wearing the aforesaid feminine prosthetics.  Basically I want to keep pushing the envelope, see how I feel at each stage, if something scares me I can easily stop, but tbh, I have kept on going everyone, lol. 

I originally planned on perusing the message boards but came across a post from a user from early July experiencing EXACTLY what I was experiencing probably all my life so I had to sign up and comment as I feel I could really help that person so I shared what I did as a solution.  So now I hope to provide a different positive perspective for those that were in my shoes questioning themselves and look forward to hearing from others that have gone through what I am experiencing and sharing their experiences with me so I can learn and grow. 

For half of my life (about 20 years; basically since puberty) I never really acted on my feminine side except seeing myself as a woman in sexual situations and getting arousal from that.  Lately I have found myself wanting more, but not in a sexual way.  I started to feel the urge to see what I would look like as a woman, with breasts, with smooth skin, with the proper feminine genitalia and everything I have done to this point has only encouraged me to keep going, and not only that, but keep going with enthusiasm in a trans way.

In a way it scares me A LOT because the only person I have come out to is my therapist who I just started seeing and no one else.  I know if I transitioned even partially, I would lose so many relationships but am currently hopefully trying to find and build new ones (which is difficult during the era of Covid).  So I am hoping Susan's Place will be a great outlet for me to share my ongoing experiences, look for advice, and hopefully help others in the process. 

And yes...I am really from Delaware and not to get in any way shape or form political but I don't know Joe Biden personally (but have driven by his house for years on my way to high school, lol). 

- Amber

Amber, welcome to Susan's Place!

The first person I came out to was my electrologist! A few weeks later I told my wife, and she was quite upset for a very long time. We slept in separate bedrooms for months. Eventually my wife realized that I had become a better person than the one she had married all those years ago. This past June we got married again, as two brides. My Matron of Honor was my first electrologist.

When I began my journey I was certain that I would lose many of my friends and relatives. I was wrong. The vast majority of my friends are still with me, and only one relative has shunned me (a sister-in-law). My relationship with my wife and daughters is better than ever. Don't let the potential loss of friendships get in your way. A true friend will stay by your side, those who fade away were merely acquaintances passing through your life. I wish you all the best in your journey.

Love always -- Jessica Rose

Good morning Amber,

Welcome to Susan's Place.

We are a supportive website for everyone with gender issues. We do have rules of conduct that all of us must abide by and I will post links to the rules below and other important information. The Standards of Conduct are necessary because we have many members who are underage and we try hard to keep Susan's Place family friendly for those members.

Again, welcome to our little corner of the internet.

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Battle Goddess:
Hi, Amber

Sounds like you're headed down the slippery slope to personal truth. Congratulations!

All sorts of interesting things have happened for me on my own journey, and they continue to do so. It's scary sometimes, joyous a fair amount of the time, weird a lot of the time, and always surprising.

You say that you're sure you'll lose relationships? I must say, one thing I've learned for sure is not to tell myself I know what will happen in the future. Our poor powers of prediction aren't good for much but making us fret.

Do proceed at your own pace and comfort, if at all. You don't have to right now,  or ever. There's no schedule, no checklist, no purity tests. There are no rules. Your transition is your own.

Keep us potsed!

Welcome Amber!




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