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How many laser treatments to clear your face?

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How many laser treatments did you get on your face to clear it. I have now had 6 laser treatments and 5 hours of electrolysis. But still more hair seems to be coming through. I am getting frustrated because this never seems to end. At $200 a laser treatment it’s expensive. Wanted to see others experience. I realize like hormones this all takes time. I am so ready to be done with this facial hair. Any help is appreciated. Hugs, Rebecca

Battle Goddess:
If you have access to something like Groupon, you may be able to purchase a package of treatments at a discount. That's the only way I could afford laser.

Laser had minimal effects on my facial hair. Even after 14 treatments the dark hair kept coming back. Sometimes laser works well on facial hair, sometimes it doesn't. In my case electrolysis was the only permanent solution. Even after over four years and hundreds of hours of electrolysis, I still have a few stubborn hairs that keep coming back. It's 99.9% better than when I started though.

Love always -- Jessica Rose

I had 6 sessions og Laser that basically cleared my neck and cheeks sides, but did only 30% around the mouth. Seems that the hair their is a lot tougher to kill off and because so many contours the laser cannot get close to quite a lot. Now i have had 8 session electrolysis at 45 mins a session, and the dark strong hairs mostly all gone now, but we have regrowth an fluffy hair that still needs to go. I have another 5/6 45 min sessions booked and after that we should be just doing every couple weeks to catch up on regrowth, but it can take months as hair in face has 4+ cycles of growth, unlike body hair which is completely different. I spoke at length with my electrolysis therapist and she was explaining it all in great depth, and she also mentioned that hormones will help to reduce number of new regrowth.

Battle Goddess:
Another thing - laser on my face went okay before HRT, but there was enough left to still need a daily shave.

The dermatologist suggested another set of treatments once HRT was well underway, and shazam! P much all I'm left with now was what had gone grey before laser. Even the reds and blondes went.

P much, that is. Nothing is 100%. Still have a few darker stragglers. But I can go a couple of days without needing to shave now!


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