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Beard Comes Through Makeup After Few Hours

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I'm only on almost 2 months on HRT. I've had 6 laser sessions but only a few consecutive because of the lockdowns. I've got better at putting on makeup but my problem is my beard shadow is really hard to cover up. I tried the Jecca blac stuff and I can put a few layers on and my beard shadow is still visible a tiny bit because of the few hairs I can't seem to cut to a close shave for every hair, but after a few hours my beard peeks through. Does anyone know of anything I could do or if its normal? More layers? I tried 2 layers of the jecca blac. It's the same thing with NYX concealer and foundation.

I plan on living full time soon at work it will be alright because I will be dirty anyway but when I go out I think I will limit my time out to 3 hours before I go home. I've been doing that lately anyway lol at least until my beard slows in growth more from HRT and I get more laser sessions. It would be nice to be able to stay out for more than 3 hours without worrying about looking dirty lol.

I heard beard hairs grow in cycles and some hairs remain hidden for periods so maybe that explains why it barely seems I lost 30% of my hairs above my lip.

By the way, I just noticed your new Avatar and I really must say, your makeup and especially your hairstyle fits you perfectly well. You are doing great!

You will struggle with laser above the lip and just under the lips as the skin is slightly different and the density of follicles is more intense. Laser is not able to really get into the curves as well, so best to get some electrolysis to help on the lips area as that can very quickly remove the shadow and fast regrowth, then you end up with wispy finer hair regrowth

I get about 6-7 hours before it starts to show through, I use an orange concealer on that whole area and top it over with a a light concealer, liquid foundation and then a powder foundation.

With only two months of HRT, there will be no noticable effects from HRT. Give us another report in two years. HRT is a very slow process.

Depending on your skin tone and hair color, laser has variable effectiveness. If a person really needs to remove all facial hair, then electrolysis is the only method to be proven as permanent and even at that, it takes many hours to do it properly.


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