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Beard Comes Through Makeup After Few Hours

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Thanks everyone for the feedback. I did notice since pre HRT after 24 hours my facial hair is growing like 1/10th slower it's practically nothing its more the laser sessions but my hair used to get a certain thickness after a day, im glad its not as bad as it used to be, i will just look dirty after a couple hours up close or cakey if i touch it too much. im sure the people I hang out with will be fine with it if I stay longer some nights. I could just will wear a mask more often too even sitting down etc and take it off with people im comfortable with. I can always do touchups every so often it wont hide the shadow completely but will help. It will be harder for me for the first couple months living full time until I get more laser sessions and HRT works it's magic, I just want to be myself lol. 7-10 more days until full time!

Its been humid out too so once it cools down the makeup will be easier to apply. This is todays attempt if you look you can notice the shadow but from a distance its harder to see.


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