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Perfect place and position to vaginal douche?

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--- Quote from: Northern Star Girl on August 25, 2021, 05:45:06 pm ---@Margrit
Dear Margrit:
I usually stand but in one of my showers at home I do have a small bench build into the shower stall so "sometimes" I sit but not often.
Obviously one needs to do what is comfortable for them.

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I also do it while standing in the shower. Only sometimes I am sitting..
How often do you do it?
Do you do use some lube for to insert it?


--- Quote from: Rakel on August 25, 2021, 07:24:27 pm ---As for where you can douche, you can douche anywhere you wish to make a watery mess below you. 

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I do it daily while standing in the shower and only sometimes I am sitting.
I love that feeling of to be clean everywhere. I mean it is skin and skin needs to be cleaned and nursed.
My doctor said to me, it is up to my how often I would like to vaginal douche…
How often do you do it?
Do you do use some lube for to insert it?

I use the disposable vinegar douche. Use it once and then through the plastic bottle away. The tip is pre lubed, so I do not need any additional lube.

How often? Once every month or two. I do not have any vaginal problems to speak of.

I’m 7 months post-op so I’m still dilating 2x daily. Right now, I’m douching every 2-3 days. I stand in the shower, and I do use a bit of lube. I use the syringe / plastic tube given to me by my surgeon, which I clean after every use. And I use a homemade 50% distilled vinegar solution. These were all things that were recommended by my surgeon.

I would assume that when I’m through my intense dilating regiment, I will move to a weekly douche.



I only douche as directed my my doctor when I had an issue. The issue was a small hair in the back of my vagina from dilating.


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