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KateR refunding donations after being banned.

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KateR who was recently banned for being abusive to staff and several TOS violations is attempting to refund $250 in donations made over 4 months before. This was my response to paypal.

--- Quote ---I run a professionally ran transgender support web site and accept donations  and subscriptions.

We make clear that donations and subscriptions are non-refundable, and that making a donation does not grant special treatment nor exempt donors from adherence to the terms of service, a helpful link to which was provided when donation was made.  (See Susan's Place Transgender Resources - Donations.pdf for the exact screen the member was given.)

The period of a donation is for 1 month, The donation was made on May 6th 2021 (See: SQL dump For Member Donations.pdf) , and the final situation resulting in a ban being placed did not happen until August 23rd 2021 (See: Print out of TOS#2 Perma Ban - Kathryn's Chronicles.pdf ) .  These two situations are totally disconnected and the refund should be denied.

The person was not banned in connection with their donation. Their access was terminated for repeatedly violating the rules of the site, and abusing staff members, months after the donation in question.

In addition the member attempted to manually delete their account before the ban was placed. (which per policy was rejected by staff as they had a recent negative interaction with a moderator doing their job enforcing the rules of the site.)
--- End quote ---

This is the height of scummy. Paypal has already removed the money from my account,  though paypal they may restore access to it if they uphold my appeal. If they don't I am out $250 which the way things stand will seriously hurt me especially since we have only gotten in $549.59 this month.

I hate to ask! But if any of you can step up and help please do!

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Susan:
All I can say is WOW !!! and UNBELIEVABLE.

As you have most likely read the several mod reports involving KateR you can see that she definitely has a Bee in her Bonnet. 

Her reaction to my "nice" moderation explanatory PM to her was an absolute shock to me particularly since I had for a long time communicated in a 2-way friendly manner with her frequently on her Blog thread.

I am so sorry that you are going through this.
HUGS and more HUGS,

I will help as best I can.

Thanks Rakel *hugs*

We won the appeal! Thanks everyone who stepped up to help! We could still use more funds this month. each Month we are short leads towards an emergency fundraising appeal sooner or later.


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