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I almost forgot… Today is exact 23 years since I had SRS at  Eastmoreland Hospital in Portland Oregon with Toby Meltzer.

The hospital does not exist any longer. it was bought by Reed College  which was next to it (the same school Steve jobs dropped out from, and then dropped  in on some classes) and they tore it down to extend the campus… I remember  walking through the grounds of Reed College during my convalescence and it was very nice.

Hard to believe it has been that long… I had no idea what my life would be afterwards … I certainly did not expect it to be essentially the same.. but it mostly has been!

While things have not gone anywhere near as I had hoped (some of which was never realistic), they turned out a lot better than I had feared in a number of ways.

Through everything I'm still standing. Given where I started from (very difficult situation growing up in many ways that left a lot of emotional scars and then needing to also deal with being TS with other issues that made that difficult) that is a lot!

- Karen

Congratulations :) You definitely paved the way for us in the future. It must have been very difficult. 

I am only going on 5 years post op. Much is the same but much is different. There are still challenges and bigotry. I associate with a group that is very open minded and poly. Several of the guys expressed interest in dating but I do not know. Poly relationships can be difficult.


--- Quote from: Rachel on August 28, 2021, 07:11:03 pm --- You definitely paved the way for us in the future.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the congrats!

But paved they way? No. Those are the ones who did it in the 70's and before I think. By my day TSes were a dime a dozen! ;)

I was also lucky to be born in a state which allowed birth certificate changes back then and that ability goes back to at least the 70's if not before, and to transition in a liberal T Friendly area.


BTW I wonder how many know the source of the thread title... I chose it because it seemed apropos to how I'm feeling.


Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon and Garfunkle


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