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Mari P:
I had standard penile inversion vaginoplasty (PIV) 3 weeks ago at the standalone surgery center for American Institute for Plastic Surgery in Plano, TX (Dallas).
Dr. Raphael has done all my other surgeries and I have been satisfied with his results so far.
My new vagina is no exception. After just 3 weeks of healing, I can see marked improvement, including no more bruising, significantly decreased swelling and sutures healing well.
Full disclosure, he was not my first choice. My insurance company/employer screwed me out of getting my first choice. For those who can, see Dr Jun in San Francisco. He's an absolute artist and does the peritoneal flap method.
Back to Dr Raphael. He was actually on vacation right up until my surgery date so I had no chance to discuss in as much detail as I'd hoped. My initial consultation with him about this was 3 years ago when he did my boobs. Fantastic job on those BTW.
The aesthetic of my vagina is not the artistry of Dr Jun, but if it continues to heal as well as it has in just 3 weeks, I think I'll be happy enough living with it.
The pain has been significant so I take my meds. I'm tired most of the time. I'm managing my recovery alone now, since week 2, which is when I also happened to get a nasty UTI. It sucked, but I was just glad it wasn't a kidney stone. I've had those before and they're more painful than childbirth according to some cisgender women I know.
I'll try to keep posting, maybe with a few photos. Right now it's time to dilate.

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Congrats on your recent surgery!

Ugh I had a stone last November and massive UTI that ended up becoming a kidney and systemic infection.  I have no idea how my male anatomy got a UTI as I'm very hygienic but it was horrible.  I had like 10 episodes of legit incontinence, intense burning and non stop for hours on end feeling like I needed to go.  I was like oh "this is one of those things women deal with?  This is no bueno".  Thank god for antibiotics

Good luck with your recovery!  Sounds like you're on the mend. 


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